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Our core business is building websites. That is what we have been doing since the mid 1990s. Our skills include the ability to code and use various languages; PHP, Coldfusion, Javascript, sql, css, bootstrap 4 to build websites that look good, are responsive, fast and have the features demanded by our clients.

Every site we deliver is fully optimised, an art that is ever changing and where required, integrated with social media sites for maximum impact.

Our experience allows us to deliver professional looking, fast, responsive starter sites to small and medium size businesses at a price they can afford.

Examples of our Portfolio over the last few years

JMP Contractors

JMP Property and Maintenance Contractors

jmpcontractors.co.uk is a very simple image free site. The owner requested a site that was just text based, a location map and a contact form. Visit the site

Andrew - Head of Projects (West of Scotland)
6th December 2017

Excellent service, I can highly recommend using Jwebdesigners if your business is looking for a website.
Mir Image Beauty Salon


Mir-Image Beauty Salon

mir-image.co.uk is a fully responsive site with two contact forms. Miriam requested a bright funky look, lots of colour and modern. Visit the site

Miriam - owner of Mir Image Beauty Salon
16th November 2017

I asked for a WOW look and that is certanly what I got, my clients love my new site and when i show it to them for the first time 'WOW' is what they say!


plasteritpaintit.co.uk is a fully responsive three page site with two contact forms. The team at PlasterItPaintIt decided to have a 3 run of images on the home page in place of a rolling banner. Visit the site

Paul (Head of Plastering Division)
13th October 2017

I highly recommend the team at jwebdesigners, they did everything for us even designed the logo which everyone comments on. They are a must for any business looking for a website.

Mark (Head of Painting Division, Glasgow)

As Paul says JWebDesigners are a very professional organisation. The team came up with suggestions and did all the hard work for us. Highly Recommended.
Pest Control 2000

Pest Control 2000

pestcontrol2000.co.uk has been designed using the latest Bootstrap 4 and is totally responsive and very fast. It is a simple three page site linked to a Facebook business page. Visit the site

James Lundie - Pest Control2000
8th September 2017

Getting a website from JWebdesigners was fabulous for my business , the design team helped me from choosing colours to design , bespoke website built tailored to enhance my business. For anyone looking for a website I would recommend you go to them.

Joanne - Designer

As part of JWebdesigners design team our aim is to help small business owners grow and Start Up Companies get recognised with a bespoke website , all you need to do is give us your company details and the services you offer and we do the rest. So get in touch and let us take your business to the next level.
Primrose Real Estate

Primrose Real Estate

primrose-realestate.com is a database driven site written in Coldfusion and designed by Julie. The site was redesigned in early 2017 using the latest Bootstrap 4 and is totally responsive and very fast. Visit the site

Lynn Wilderode - Primrose Real Estate
20th May 2017

I have worked with Julie and Nick for over 5 years, my site has grown from a simple property listings to a comprehensive property sales and holiday rental site. They have always been on hand to develop my ideas.

Julie Evans - JWebDesigners

Thanks Lynn, we are looking forward to working with you in the future and further developing your site to your specification
Pets and Property Sitters


petsandpropertysitters.com is a database driven site written in PHP and Bootstrap 4. The site is responsive and very fast. The site registerd pet owners and matches then with pet sitters.Visit the site

Visit Andalucia

Visit Andalucia

visit-andalucia.com is a site written from scratch in php. Bootstrap 4 has been used to make the site responsive and minimise the stylesheets. This site is incredibly fast, a feature much appreciated by search engines. The site displays articles that are posted out as newsletters to a subscriber list and shared using social media. There is a full administration system attached. Visit the site

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