JWebDesigners Bespoke Web Design

Terms and Conditions


JWebdesigners is a limited company registered in the UK.

J Webdesigners registers domain names, designs and hosts websites.

Domain Name Ownership

A registered domain name is owned by the entity authorizing the purchase of that name.

Payment for domain registration must be received by JWebdesigners prior to the domain name being registered.

Domain names are renewed periodically. Reminders will be issued to the email address shown on the domain registration form. Domain name renewal fees must be received by JWebdesigners prior to the due date or the domain name may be lost. Extra fees will be incurred in order to recover the domain name.

A registering entity has the right to renew their own domain names with another domain name registrar. In that event JWebdesigners will supply the domain control panel details to allow the transfer to take place. We will supply the names of our named servers.

Responsibility for 'pointing' the domain name to our webserver using our nameservers will be the responsibility of the registering entity or their agent.

Site Ownership and Hosting

Any website designed by JWebdesigners is owned by JWebdesigners until the site is fully paid for. Once the site is paid for it is owned by the entity that commissioned the site.

Whilst the site is being developed and until the site is fully paid for it will exist in a 'test environment'.

Websites will initially be hosted by JWebdesigners . Hosting fees are paid annually. The payment for first year hosting fees will be paid prior to the site going 'live' from its 'test environment'.

The website will be transferred from its test area to its correct domain when full payment has been made and the client has agreed that we have met all the criteria and they are satisfied with their website.

Any further work requested on the website after the site is made live will incur a new quotation from JWebdesigners .

Annual reminders will be issued to the email address used at domain registration. Renewal fees must be paid before the due date. Late or non payment will result in the website reverting to its 'test environment' for a period of 30 days after which it will be removed from the web server. Extra fees will be incurred for re-instating a website from the 'test environment' or from backups after it has been removed from the server.

Owners of fully paid up websites are entitled to transfer their hosting to another hosting provider. In that event JWebdesigners will supply the FTP details required to download the site and transfer it to another web server. Any associated databases will be supplied as SQL backup files ready for download from the FTP area.

Responsibility for restoring or creating a new database and restoring the site in its new location is the responsibility of the registering entity or their agent.

Additional Modules

Additional modules will be paid for in full at the time they are commissioned. Additional modules will not incur any extra hosting fee.

SSL Certificates

J Webdesigners require any website hosted by them that stores personal or business details of any kind, including email subscription lists, to have an up to date SSL certificate.

SSL certificates are purchased and renewed annually and may be purchased and renewed through J Webdesigners .

Data Protection

Any website using cookies or that is storing personal or business data is required to conform to the Data Protection laws of the country in which the entity owning the website exists (normally the country shown in 'Contact Details').

It is the responsibility of the registering entity to ensure that all relevant Data Protection laws are complied with.

JWebdesigners will, on receipt of the 'form of words' required by the relevant Data Protection authority, ensure that it is displayed on the website.

Payment Terms

50% of the published price of the website will be paid as a deposit. The deposit also includes the first years domain registration fee and first year hosting fees.

The remaining 50% of the published price for the website plus any extra fees incurred as a result of design features required that are not included in the original website specification.

Invoices will be issued in the name of the client or client business.